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Louisville Live: The Start of the Mack Era

By: T. Hood


Talk about making an introduction. First, Coach Mack and staff have absolutely been riding a wave of momentum on the recruiting trail with four recent commitments in the month of September. They also have been hosting open practices to the public showcasing the team and it's recruits. Well, this evening was an incredible event for Cardinal fans. The Louisville staff did an amazing job and completely killed it. Major kudos to AD Vince Tyra, Coach Mack and staff, Lottie Stockwell and everyone involved with the event. Tonight gave the fan base an opportunity to come out and show support and they certainly did their part as well. It was estimated that there were around 7,500 fans in attendance. 


There was a three point shootout and dunk contest among other festivities. In addition to the current team, recruits David Johnson, Josh Nickelberry and what could possibly be the crown jewel of the 2019 recruiting class, Aidan Igiehon were all on hand this evening. 






One thing that's really impressed myself with the new staff is how open and approachable they have been. The staff is really doing a tremendous job. See below for a recap of Louisville Live.































Image Credit By - Louisville MBB - Twitter