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Lakers Aim For Playoffs at Trade Deadline

Mike Muscala is now a Laker, in an effort to ensure a playoff spot this season Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson traded Ivaca Zubac,an intriguing young talent, along with Michael Beasley for the six year big man. 


Beasley’s inclusion in the trade feels like the Lakers are stern in their desire to keep the organization well oiled. According to reports Beasley was involved in an aggressive altercation with head coach Luke Walton after last week’s loss to the Warriors. 


Just two days ago Beasley released a statement in regards to the situation to Yahoo Sports explaining that no physical action was taken, and chooses to refer to the situation as a “conversation”.


“This past Saturday after the Warriors game, Coach Walton and our team had a conversation after a tough loss. Despite reports to the contrary, there was nothing physical between Coach Walton, me, or any other teammate,” Beasley said. “I’ve sat back in the past when stories have been twisted and misreported, but I won’t do that this time. I respect Luke and I respect this team. We are trying to win a championship together.” 


The loss of Zubac is touching to Laker fans who have seen him grow from a second round pick into a legitimate young talent with exciting potential. Zubac was thought to be involved in the Lakers’ trade proposals involving Anthony Davis so seeing him traded for Muscala is a bit of a surprise, being as his value might have allowed for a possibility at acquiring something more.


Los Angeles’ movement at this year’s deadline showed them exchanging younger talent for more experience during their playoff push. The Lakers inquired about Trevor Ariza throughout this season and yesterday Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, another exciting prospect, was traded to the Pistons for Reggie Bullock (another six-year pro). 


The Lakers are coming off of a huge victory against the Boston Celtics and have their eyes on overtaking some Western Conference competition en route to the playoffs, though one eye is continuously gazing on the prospect of adding another max-level player this summer to play with Lebron

Image Credit By - Harry How, Getty Images