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Duke Wraps Up Canada Tour Undefeated

By: T. Hood


The freshman duo of Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett stole the show in Canada. From the outset, the two were too much for their Canadian counter parts. RJ was scoring, driving and creating for teammates. Zion gave us a glimpse of what could possibly make him a top 2 pick come next summer. He showed his ability to shoot from the perimeter, create off the dribble and of course, his monstrous athleticism was on full display. Although Cam Reddish and Tre Jones were held out due to injury, the Canadian Tour was a perfect opportunity to also bring others along.

Many have questioned Zion's perimeter skills and RJ's ability to shoot. Against quality opponents, Zion really looked dominant and wasn't just relying on his athletic ability. Zion was getting to the rim in the half court set, pulling up off the dribble and showing range many had questioned. Although RJ's shot wasn't the most efficient, he finished with 10 assists against McGill. Along with the strong performances from the freshman, veterans Jordan Goldwire, Jack White and Javin DeLaurier showed leadership and defense. Freshman Joey Baker also showed his shooting ability that could prove to be very valuable during the season. 

Overall, for it to only be August it was a strong performance against what most would consider mid major level opponents. With the addition of Cam and Tre to the starting line up Duke will look very strong. I really like this team's talent and as the chemistry develops with it's full roster healthy they could prove to be championship caliber. 



Image Credit By - @Dukebasketball (Twitter)