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Trae Young vs Collin Sexton Top PG Battle

On Saturday as a part of the the SEC - Big 12 Matchup on ESPN Alabamb will host Oklahoma at 2:15 ET. Really its Trae Young vs Collin Sexton , 2 of the Nations Top PGs going head to head. Last time we saw this matchup was when Lonzo Ball went up against Markelle Fultz.


Sexton was top Ranked PG ( 5th Overall ) in High School Last Season, Young was the 4th Ranked PG ( 23rd Overall ). Both Players are Projected to go Top 10 in this years NBA draft

25 NBA Teams ( 55 Scouts ) will be in Tuscaloosa to watch the Match up of Trae and Sexton. 

Trae Young is a Long Range Shooter who draws Comparsions from Steph Curry and Steve Nash. He leads the Nation in Points ( 30.3 ) and Assist ( 9.3 ). 95.8% of his Jump shots comes from behind the arc ( 40.7% )..