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Marvin Bagley III Strengths & Weaknesses: If Kevin Garnett went to college

Marvin Bagley III:


-  Extremely versatile! Can switch on anyone defensively & guard 1-5. Offensively he fits from as small as a 2 to as big as a 5. All-around player.

- Tenacious Rebounder

- Very long, exceptional size (6’11 230 pounds)

- Great face up game in the post

- Great handle for his size: can push in transition, take defenders off the dribble

- Moves like a wing, big enough to play C

- Moves, face and in post. Natural scorer

- Scorer’s mentality

- Good feel playing under the rim, smart, good finishing, drawing fouls, explosiveness, big, etc.

- Aggressive player, high motor

- Defends guards on the perimeter

- Great potential as a shot blocker/defender

- Contested pull up jumpers



- Free throw shooting

- Jumper is only average as of now, although there is great potential

- Same w the handle

- Still raw in some areas

- Forces reckless shots at the rim at times


Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:

Bagley has shown to be a star since his days as a high schooler, balling on grown men in Los Angeles’ Drew League while being the top ranked player in his class. He makes an impact everywhere on the court, whether that be dominating the post or being an athletic freak on the perimeter. He is a natural scorer who can do whatever is necessary to put the ball in the basket. Explosive athlete which is impressive and rare for his size/age. Elite rebounder due to his length, athleticism and tenacity. These same traits give him great promise as a defender. Marvin Bagley defines versatility. He is the player everyone wants in today’s NBA because he has no real position… he starts at Forward but that is nothing more than a label.    


NBA Comparison: Kevin Garnett

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Allen Call

May 21, 2018 01:58am

Can’t wait til he gets drafted.