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Luka Doncic Strengths/Weaknesses: Worthy Of A Top Pick?

January 16, 2018 1:51pm

Luka Doncic


- Tough; 18 years old playing against grown men in the rugged Euroleague. Plays through contact/physical

- Starring in the Euroleague at only 18! One of the league's top scorers and considered by many the favorite to be MVP

- All Around shooting; shoots well from all 3 levels, can spot up from deep 3 point range, pull up, come off screens, off the dribble, great step-back jumper (his go-to), finishes well around the rim

- Smart player, great vision/handle along with natural feel for the game

- Great facilitator

- Effective ball handler in the pick & roll

- Moves well off-ball

- Does not shy away from clutch moments

- Gets to the line; led Euroleague in Free Throw Attempts & Free Throw Makes

- Fluid with his off hand

- Talented & willing passer

- Can rebound well and push the ball in transition, comfortable playing at a fast pace


- Still growing as a 1 on 1 scorer

- Average athleticism

- Going to have to rely heavily on skill, his athleticism is subpar by NBA standards

- Doubts about his effectiveness against top tier NBA athletes

- Still maturing as a decision maker; forces passes at times, needs to know when to make the easy pass

Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:

Doncic fits the NBA’s growing trend of sizable floor generals (ZO2, Ben Simmons, Giannis, etc.). He is versatile, can play 1-3 with great facilitating skills and IQ. Smooth handle. Good vision. All around shooter; deep range, off screens, spot up, off the dribble. Still growing as an isolation scorer. Doncic’s skills are more developed than most teenagers. His lack of quickness/athleticism is worrisome. How will he fare against the best athletes in the world? His athleticism hurts him in 1 on 1 situations, whether that be on offense or defense, but he plays with a toughness that makes up for that. He is 18 years old playing against grown men in the Euroleague and he is a star amongst them. Doncic has garnered a lot of hype in this draft class and will be selected very high.


NBA Comparison: Hedo Turkoglu


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