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Mohamed Bamba

Team Name:

6’9 Feet


225 LBS



Jersey Number:


Birth Place:

Harlem, NY, USA

Mohamed Bamba NBA Draft Profile

Mohamed Bamba: 7'0 225 19 years old Texas




- Long as s**t! (8’0 reach)

- ELITE Defender: Shot blocking (currently 5 blocks a game), Shot altering, just a problem you have to deal w when attacking the paint

- 3pt range

- Good shooting touch 

- Can pick & pop

- Good hook shot

- Tough player, has fight in him

- Unbelieveable shot blocker, looks like he’s goaltending at times

- Great movement ability. Proves to be most effective on the defensive end when switching pick & rolls or staying with his matchup.



- Offensive game is raw, but potential is through the roof

- Inconsistent play, at times he is a dominant Center and at times he seems to be just another player on the court


Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:


Mo Bamba is one of the headliners in this strong class of big men. His greatest tool is his extraordinary length, which gives him the ability to do things regular people can not. Bamba broke the NBA combine record for longest wingspan (7’10”) and ran a faster sprint time than Russell Westbrook for what it is worth. He can switch pick & rolls effectively and is a force in the paint. Bamba’s presence under the rim alone will make him an impact player in the NBA because every time an opponent drives to the rim, he must go through the longest man he has ever seen before he can score. The cherry on top is his offensive potential. He has proven to be a capable spot up 3 point shooter and has shown promise in his post up game, which has been somewhat hidden due to NCAA’s zone defenses. While his game has some fine tuning needed, at 19 years old there is a world of untapped ability that will be showcased in the NBA. Mo Bamba is a top player in this class.


NBA Comparison: Hassan Whiteside

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Mohamed Bamba NBA Draft Profile

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