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Deandre Ayton Strengths & Weaknesses: College Basketball's Wilt Chamberlain

January 28, 2018 12:15am 


Deandre Ayton 



- Confident pull up jumper with range going out to the 3 point line

- Huge... Only 19 years old & is a man among boys. Stands 7’1 and weighs a sculpted 260 pounds

- Wilt Chamberlain like build

- Incredible athleticism  REPORTED TO HAVE A 44 IN VERTICAL AT 7’1 260 POUNDS!

- Great agility, footwork, and strength in the post, has good feel going right and left, spin moves, up & unders, face-up, bullying under the rim, the potential he has as an offensive skill player is tremendous

- Good touch around the rim, strong & explosive while finishing smoothly

- Swallows every rebound in sight

- Plays with tenacity... toughness that you would expect from a player his size

- Good at running the floor

- Seems like a 10 foot rim is too short for him, dunks in traffic with ease.

- Dominant player who must be accounted for at all times

- Size/length to be a force in the paint defensively, his presence alone is an issue

- Smart & willing passer when faced with help defense/double teams

- Does not shy away in clutch moments



- Splitting hairs to find any real weakness in his game

- Can rely on jumper too much at times

- The way he is built physically you would expect him to be the most dominant force on defense. He has been good so far, yet to show a dominating defensive performance (I feel we will see it sooner than later)


Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:


Generational talent, his presence is always felt on the court. Ayton is the prototypical NBA Center, agile enough to switch and defend on pick & rolls, athleticism to bang down low and run the floor like a wing, confident shooting touch going all the way out to the 3 point line, exceptional finishing around the rim through traffic, rebounding is second nature, and is always an option in the post due to his variety of ways to score. Some NBA team will be lucky to have Ayton as the face of their franchise.


NBA Comparison: David Robinson




Zhaire Smith Scouting Report | BY : Spencer Pearlman

Breakdown By : Spencer Pearlman


Zhaire Smith – SG / undersized SF

Measurements (against SG below; he’s below average across the board for SF)

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’4 198.6 8’4 6’9.75
6’5.25 202 8’5 6’8.5



  • 5 max vert, 33 inches standing
  • 10 bench press reps at 185
  • Quick first step on offense, quick laterally on defense
  • Active hands
  • Quick leaper and effortless jumper



  • Raw on offense, solid defender
  • Shows good instincts on defense in help and recovery, as well as isolation.
    • Uses lateral quickness well
  • Knows how to use length and athleticism to contest shots
  • Looks to finish everything in the paint as a dunk, if he has enough space
  • Shows potential as a catch and shoot guy on a limited sample size (18/40)
  • Very limited handle and no isolation game.
  • Limited passing game and does not see the floor well
  • Texas Tech really limited his game on offense to paint finishes on dump offs, catch and shoot, and transition. Aside from that, he did damage on the offensive glass (61st percentile, 28/49)
  • Strength limits his finishing ability, which should be better due to his athleticism


17-18 11.3 5 1.8 55.6 71.7 1.1/1.1 61.8 58.8 128.7/95.1


17-18 .212 5.7 6.4




Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking )

Spot up (off ball) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Off Screen Isolation Transition Around Basket
69 89 (33/100) 69 19 90 62


Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 1.8 1.1 12.6 10.8 18.3


  • Limited offensive player and Texas Tech hid his weaknesses.
    • He was not asked to create for himself or others
    • Did not show vision even out of ordinary sets and would often drive into multiple defenders
    • 77% of his offense came from cuts, spot ups, transitions, offensive rebounds, and off screens
  • Limited handle and vision
    • Only 10% of his offense came from isolations (19th percentile, 6/25 shooting)
    • Solid rip through and blow by when he had mismatches – did it against Isaac Haas and Mo Bamba this year
    • Straight line driver with no advanced dribble moves (although showed spin move) / ability to piece together multiple moves
      • This is something that can be worked on, and the videos from over the summer look like he’s put in work
    • Left hand is weaker than right hand (same goes for finishing too) – 33rd percentile driving right, vs 16 for left
    • Showed some ability on drive and kicks (76th percentile), but it was a very limited sample size – 17 shots total. Did not make advanced reads.
    • Only used 13 times in PnR as ball handler.
  • Showed ability with catch and shoot on small sample size
    • Some of these were on the move too, which is impressive and shows that he should have the ability to improve going forward
    • Slight tweaks needed in form, but no major overhaul needed
    • Percentages dropped significantly from guarded (9/12) to unguarded (8/26). Again, this is something that should improve with more reps.
    • Showed some ability to catch, take a few dribbles, and take the jumper.
  • Great in transition
    • Looked to finish everything with a dunk, unless he was cut off
    • If cut off, showed nice body control in contorting his body to avoid defender in front and finish
    • 99th percentile as lead man (20 points on 13 possessions – 5/6 from field, 53.8 foul percentage)
  • Needs to work on finishing ability
    • 62nd percentile overall, 91/156 (note, some of these misses account for missed dunks on putbacks)
    • Low shooting foul rate around rim (1.3%)
    • Finishing ability could get better around rim as he gets stronger, but he sometimes looks awkward with his finishes. Needs to work on touch as well.
    • Takes some awkward shots in the paint that he never should have attempted to begin with.
  • Excellent off ball cutter.
    • Does nice job reading defense and cutting when defense overplays.


Defense and Rebounding:

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation Post Up
76 72 39 92 13


STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
2.3 4.8 5.0 (2.2/2.8) 10.4 (9.6/11.1)


  • Great offensive rebounder, really attacks glass.
    • Moves well to get into position before shot goes up.
    • Looks to finish everything
    • Really explosive grabbing offensive glass
  • That said, needs to attack glass more on defense. With his athleticism, he should be grabbing more defensive rebounds.
  • Active/quick hands and feet on defense. Moves well laterally.
  • Uses length to recover when out of position.
  • Smart help defender. Knows when to help in paint when his man is on weak side, and is quick and athletic enough to get back to the perimeter to his man.
  • Active in passing lanes with his length, but does not gamble.
  • Great shot blocker for guard, good shot blocker overall – good timing.
  • Good isolation defender (92nd percentile). Really knows how to use length, athleticism, and smarts to bother opposing players. 5/22 shooting, 11.5 turnover percentage.
  • PnR Defense
    • Good in PnR, but needs work with positioning – can sometimes jump the screen, anticipating it coming (or being hit by the contact). This would throw off the help defense that anticipates the ball handler using the screen, because he would just reject it (see YouTube video). Needs to wait for screen, and then get over – which he has shown he can do.
    • Can get caught up in screens and does not recover well when it’s a clean pick.
      • This shows in defending off ball screen action, as well.
    • Otherwise, does a nice job getting over the screen in the PnR and recovering to his man.
    • On the flip side, shows some ability forcing ball handler away from screen in PnR
  • Does nice job forcing ball handler into help, but when help is not there, it can lead to an open lane (usually baseline with him).
  • Was bumped off his spot when defending drives this year a few times, including once by Trae Young, who is not known for his strength / ability to knock guys off balance. Needs to get stronger (core/lower body strength).
  • Solid defending spot ups (76th percentile), but footwork comes and goes – sometimes closes out too hard, other times doesn’t contest well enough.
    • Does a good job though not crossing feet when spot up guy puts ball on floor.
  • Post Up defense
    • 13th
    • Needs to get stronger, plain and simple – was often guarding SF/PF instead of SGs, but he is still light for a SG.


Frankie Vision x Front Office Eye Scouting Report Video:

Marvin Bagley III Scouting Report and Video

By : Spencer Pearlman



*Scouting videos at bottom of page*

Measurements (against AVG PF below; he’s below average for C for all besides height:

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’11.5 235 N/A 7’0.5
2 inches above Avg weight for PF N/A ‘.75 below avg


Athleticism & Frame:

  • Explosive athlete,
  • Solid frame, but does not look like he can add much more weight without sacrificing athleticism.
  • Quick laterally and light on feet
  • Very fast when he wants to be, but does not go 100% all of the time. Looks like he’s playing slower than he could be.
  • Effortless jumper and gets up high (even with lack of length).
    • Best second and third jump in the draft.
  • Not long for his position


  • PF, who should be able to play some C against less physical Cs and second units
  • Great rebounder who really goes after the ball on both ends
  • Good looking jumper, even if it might be a bit on the slow side
    • Shows real potential as a pick and pop threat and spot up shooter
  • Potential threat in PnR coverage.
  • Moves laterally well, can switch or hedge/recover in PnR coverage
  • Nice finisher in paint with left hand
  • Not much of a passer and gets tunnel vision on drives
  • Defensive awareness issues


17-18 21.0 11.1 1.5 61.4 62.7 .9/.8 64.3 127.7/97.4


17-18 .249 7.7 3

Offense: 66th percentile overall  


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Spot up (including drives) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Iso Transition PnR Around Basket
76 88 ( 90/64) 58 67 98 94
  • Efficient around the rim.
    • Nice touch with left hand, but almost exclusively uses left.
    • Can finish through contact
    • Prefers to go with awkward left handed attempt instead of using right hand
  • Posting up
    • Efficient in post 78th percentile
    • Nice array of moves (and footwork) with drop steps, baby hooks, and spins
    • Almost always goes over right shoulder in post
  • Shows potential in PnP with spacing ability – 88th percentile in catch and shoot (17/40)
    • Good looking form on his jumper, even if it is a bit slow
    • Can catch and shoot and looked very comfortable hitting from college three. (small sample)
    • Given form and what he has shown so far, it’s likely he becomes at least a consistent mid-range threat
  • Can face up and drive by with his quickness
    • Again, looks to finish with left instead of right
  • Can get out in transition
    • Runs very well, when he wants to
    • Has potential with grab and go.
    • It does not look like he always really pushes himself and sprints on break
  • Major pick and roll threat (98th percentile)
    • Elite athlete and can really get above the rim, even with his limited length
      • Lob target with vertical spacing
    • Finishes through contact on dunks in paint
    • Does not set great screens with minimal contact.
  • Excellent cutter (90th percentile)
    • Can dive to rim well and finish through contact
    • Loves going through the dunker’s spot
  • Excellent offensive rebounder (87th percentile)
    • Goes after team misses and his own
    • Quick to ball out of area
    • Quickest second and third jump in draft – really quick and explodes up
    • Doesn’t stay boxed out by opponent. Actively goes after ball when shot is up and when it makes contact

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 1.5 2.3 8.8 12.2 26.3
  • Does not see the floor particularly well.
    • When he’s made up his mind to drive, he gets tunnel vision and does not see the court well
    • Will drive into multiple defenders
  • Handle needs work
    • Right now, he’s a hard left hand driver.
      • He has a solid handle going left, but his right one needs work.
    • When defenses play him off his left hand, he gets into trouble
  • Quick first step against slower bigs gives him an edge in face up game
    • Does nice job getting the edge at the point of attack
    • Straight line driver most of the time, but shows potential with spin moves attacking the rim

Defense and Rebounding: 75th percentile overall on defense in MAN ONLY (ignored zone)

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post up Isolation Around Rim
57 92 96 85 79


STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
1.4 2.6 11.1 (4/7.1) 17.9 (13.8/21.5)

Defensive Rebounding

  • Great rebounder and very active on glass.
    • Does not let the ball fall into his hands, he really goes after it
    • Does not let himself get boxed out when the ball goes up
    • Rebounds of position on offense and knows how to read where the ball is going to go. After that, he reacts quickly and goes to that spot.
    • Quick first step helps here too.
    • Explosive vertically, which helps him overcome the lack of length.
      • Question going forward is will this continue against even longer and better athletes? I think it should because he is that good of an athlete.


  • Not very aware on defense
    • Needs to do a better job of seeing his man and the ball.
      • Prone to losing his man on defense because he’s focusing too much on the ball
      • Can lose guys off screens or when opposing player is perimeter oriented (more comfortable guarding guys full time within three point line)
      • At the same time, he’ll sometimes lose track of the strong side action and keep his focus on his man
    • Footwork defending perimeter can improve
      • Prone to crossing feet on perimeter
      • Opens up too much from time to time and takes poor angles
      • Was actually completely turned around when trying to defend the perimeter action
    • Closing out can get better
      • He’s a great athlete, but does not close out well consistently – lazy closeouts with weak efforts
      • In a league that is trending towards bigs playing on the perimeter more, he needs to hone this skill – will become incredibly important going forward.
    • Shows some potential in PnR coverage
      • Before Duke switched to zone defense, Bags showed some potential hedging and recovering to his man.
      • Showed some potential switching onto the ball handler straight up in PnR action. Uses his quickness and length advantage against smaller players on the perimeter.
    • Rim protection potential?
      • This one is a mixed bag. He was effective around the rim at Duke, but that was against smaller and less athletic players than he will be playing in the NBA.
      • It is possible his lack of elite length impacts his rim protection going forward? He’s a great athlete, but the extra length would have helped him a lot.
      • Showed pretty good timing on some block attempts blocking it after the ball was released.
      • Did not really use the principle of verticality often – would go after the blocks instead of just protecting the rim as an area.
    • Isolation defense shows potential
      • Knows how to use quickness and length (against perimeter players) to bother guys beyond three point line
      • Stays in front of his man, but can open up too much or fumble footwork.



Luka Doncic Scouting Report and Video Breakdown

Breakdown By : Spencer Pearlman



*Scouting videos at bottom of page*


Unofficial Measurements (against AVG SF below):  

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’8 228 N/A N/A
+.25 +10 N/A N/A

Athleticism & Frame:

  • Not an explosive athlete
  • Not particularly long, but appears to have a + wingspan
  • Solid weight on him, but is not very strong (some baby fat?)
    • Looking forward to seeing how he improves his strength once he gets on an NBA training program
  • Good hands


  • Best SG prospect I’ve scouted entering the draft since Brandon Roy, and best international prospect I’ve ever scouted. This does not mean he will be the best in the league, but he comes in the most NBA ready with a huge tool set.
  • Unbelievable vision
    • Sees whole court and can make every pass in book
      • This can lead to some questionable passes that he should not be making because he sees the opening and knows he can make it…but it’s a tight hole, and he can forces it anyway.
    • Excellent passer with great touch
  • Uses screens really well
  • Great body control on drives and in paint
  • More of a scorer who can beat you in many areas vs a clear cut shooter
    • Can improve shot (inconsistent right now), but is a solid shooter
    • Post up, iso, catch and shoot, dribble jumpers, etc. He can beat you anywhere on court scoring the ball.
  • Solid team defender, but needs work closing out and in isolation
    • Lack of elite burst hurts him here
    • Does not have great footwork on perimeter and does not put effort into closing out
    • Gets hung up in screens


17-18 14.47 5.27 4.55 45 79.6 .38/1.12 59.5




Euroleague Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking): 70th percentile overall

Spot up/off ball (including drives) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Iso Transition PnR Around Basket Post up
82 47 (67/29) 44 83 92 64 52

FIBA Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking): 91st percentile overall

Spot up (including drives) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Iso Transition PnR Around Basket
98 76 (88/41) 68 68 86 98


  • Off ball
    • Good catch and shoot scorer, but results are inconsistent (odd his guarded % is so much higher than unguarded).
      • Can be fixed with more reps
      • Form is smooth with no inconsistencies that need to be fixed
    • Can catch, rip through and drive to rim or into a dribble jumper (74th percentile in league)
      • Beautiful runner with great touch (95th percentile in league)
    • Unselfish and will make the next pass to get a better look
    • Comfortable off screens (90th percentile)
      • Gets feet set quickly, and release stays consistent
    • ISO
      • Comfortable in ISO situations.
      • Even though he will not attack off dribble often and beat his man because of lack of elite first step, he lulls the defender to sleep with his handle and is able to get by like that
      • Big fan of the step back jumper from mid-range and three
      • Has a good dribble jumper (74th percentile in league)
        • That said, takes too many dribble jumpers
      • Transition
        • Great in transition
        • Can fill lane or play on side as spacer / running floor
        • Comfortable pulling up for a three, or attacking the rim
        • Can grab and go because of size / good rebounding ability
        • 29% foul rate in transition
      • Excellent in PnR overall (92nd percentile in league play)
        • As scorer, he was in the 84th percentile in league play
        • Does nice job using the screen and either “snaking” it to make sure he gets the switch and attacking from there, or pulling up if the defender gives him space (going under or otherwise)
        • Settles for jumper too often due to lack of quickness
      • Good post game
        • Has variety of moves including drop steps and fadeaways
        • Loves the fade
        • Uses size well to beat on smaller defenders
      • Excellent touch around basket (64th percentile in league play)
        • Not explosive around the rim, but has great touch, body control, and uses angles and his body well
          • Great use of floaters in paint (95th percentile in league play)
          • Uses his body to shield the ball and his shot from defenders
          • Can take contact and finish through it
        • Lower foul rate around basket than expected – only 8.5% in league play
      • Not really a major offensive rebounder. More perimeter oriented.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover
17-18 4.55 2.14


  • Primary creator or secondary creator
    • Can do both at an incredibly high level
  • Handle
    • Good handle overall
      • Nice mix of dribble moves, change of pace moves, and uses his body to shield defender when necessary
      • However, it can get a little loose at times…but not enough for it to be a cause for concern
      • As always, handles can improve pretty easily. I expect the same here.
    • Passing
      • Unbelievable passer
        • Really sees the court well everywhere on the court
        • Uses his height, and great vision to its fullest effect
        • Really makes the defense focus on everything that is happening on the court because he can make every pass
      • Exception in PnR as a passer (90th percentile in League play), and can see the roll man, cutters, and spot ups
        • This includes cross court looks, which he gets off cleanly
      • Risky passes
        • He has unbelievable vision, but this leads to some careless turnovers
          • He makes unnecessary passes on occasion
          • Sometimes does not give it to the easier pass and tries to get the ball in to the tighter space. He sees the opening, and knows he can get it in there, but some passes should not be made.
          • Should be fixable with some coaching


Defense and Rebounding: 19th percentile overall in League play

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post up Isolation Around Rim Off screen
20 22 31 57 51 29

Defense and Rebounding: 30th percentile overall in FIBA

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post up Around Rim
47 15 15 25


STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)

Defensive Rebounding

  • Good rebounder for his size
  • Even with his limited athleticism, he positions himself well and goes after the ball
  • Uses his strength pretty well on the glass when he needs to
  • Can grab and go to start the transition
  • Rebounding should more or less translate in the NBA, but it is something to look out for because of his limited vertical explosiveness


  • Solid team defender, but needs work elsewhere
    • When he is on weak side, he does a nice job “2-9ing the floor”
    • Does solid job watching ball and man, but does not get back out to contest when he was in help mode and ball goes to his man
    • Actually rotates pretty well
  • Not quick laterally and gets exposed in space
    • Has issues keeping up with guys running off screen
  • Despite his size, he gets pushed around too easily in the post
    • Little push back, not physical enough
    • Far too upright in stance. Lower position win, and he’s very upright in post
  • Lazy closing out
    • Does not really get out to shooters
    • Late close outs, lazy closeouts with hands at half-mast instead of actually contesting
    • Does not move well to perimeter to contest due to athletic holdbacks
    • Can get blown by off ball because he opens up too much when he does get out
      • Footwork needs improvement
    • PnR defense needs work
      • Jumps screen, getting off balance and giving ball handler angle to get to his spot
      • Gets held up in screens (which also explains the 29th percentile in off screen situations in league play)
      • Again, does not get out to shooters in PnR
        • 33rd percentile in league play when the offensive player uses the screen and takes the jumper
      • Not a rim protector


DeAndre Ayton Scouting Report and Video Breakdown

By : Spencer Pearlman


DeAndre Ayton Scouting Report

DeAndre Ayton – C

Scouting report for DeAndre Ayton.

Strength and weakness videos at bottom.

Measurements (against C): From 2016 Nike Hoop Summit

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’11.75 260 9’3 7’5.5
+0 -6 +.75 +1.5

Athleticism & Frame:

  • Excellent athlete
    • Explosive vertically and moves feet well laterally, but he does look a bit slow at times.
  • Excellent frame
    • Incredibly strong and defined, despite reportedly not lifting weights before arriving at Arizona.
    • Looks like he can actually get a bit stronger without losing athleticism.
  • Motor comes and goes. Would like to see him be more consistent.
  • Does use his strength as well as he could – less “functional strength” than you would guess just by looking at him.


  • High level offensive player, with defensive question marks
    • Great finisher in paint
    • Elite PnR threat
    • Versatile offensively – can beat defense in post, facing up out of post, or taking jumpers
    • Played “softer” than his strength allowed
    • Excellent passer out of post, but tunnel vision on drives. Only 2.9% of isolation sets ended in passes
  • Great rebounder who uses his size, strength, and athleticism to grab rebounds
  • Great finisher in paint
  • Questionable defensive awareness (got better later in the year, only to falter against Buffalo).
    • Has the measurements and athletic ability of an elite defender, but is not a good off ball/help defender.
    • Not the best in single coverage either, mainly due to poor footwork.


17-18 20.1 11.6 1.6 61.2 73.3 1.9/.6 65.0 130.3/98.8
17-18 .259 6.8 4

Offense: 98th percentile overall 


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Post up Cut Isolation Transition PnR Around Basket
35 (24/47) 90 85 75 93 36 96

Versatile offensive player who can beat the defense in a variety of ways

  • Catch & Shoot
    • Even though only 35th percentile overall, he is a good spot up shooter for bigs. He shot 36% from “short midrange” and 51% from “long midrange.”
    • Way more comfortable when shooting in space vs when defender is closing out quickly
  • Post up
    • Elite post up player
    • Variety of moves and mixes it up in the post with them
      • Face up jumper, drop steps, baby hooks, and going over either shoulder
      • Unbelievable footwork in post and keeps his balance really well.
      • Does not use his strength as well as he can. You can see some flashes of him just overpowering guys, but the majority of his moves are finesse based – he has the KG face and spin down.
    • Handles pressure well in post
      • 89th percentile on defensive commits and 95th on double teams.
  • Cutting
    • Great cutter
    • Moves well off ball and dives well when ball handler is driving
    • Loves moving in from dunker’s spot
    • Catches and powers through the contact / for the dunk
  • Isolation
    • Was not used in isolation often (5.6%), but showed some promise here scoring the ball
    • More comfortable taking jumper in isolation (70% of time) vs driving (30%)
      • Has a quick first step facing up, but does not use it often.
      • Likes the baseline drive and walks the baseline well.
    • Does not see floor well in isolation…once he puts ball on court, he has tunnel vision.
  • Transition
    • Gazelle in transition and really gets up and down court, when he wants to.
      • Motor issues. He’s often the last player back on the break / secondary break…which shouldn’t happen. If he fully sprints, or at least runs hard, he’d get more looks in transition and on the secondary break – especially if he’s able to seal his man on a rim run.
    • Great finisher on the break, but not someone who can grab and go
  • PnR
    • Has major PnR potential, but was not used much in this capacity at Arizona (13.6%)
    • Part of the reason why he was not as successful as he should have been in the PnR was because of the lack of spacing playing the 4 next to another non-spacing big.
      • There was not much room to dive…which should change in the NBA with more space
    • Does not set good screens. Very lackadaisical on and off ball screens.
      • He should be using his size to set hard screens. It would free up the drive in the PnR and free up the jumper for him, as the guy defending him would have to commit to the drive. Worst case, it starts the swing – ball handler to Ayton to spot up.
  • Around Basket (non-postups)
    • Excellent finisher around basket (96th percentile)
    • Can finish through contact well with his strength.
      • 24 and 1s this year feels a bit low compared to maybe what he should have done, but it is higher than Bagley’s number, Karl Anthony Towns’ number, and other recent top picks.
    • Great hands catching, but can get rushed.
    • Lower foul rate than expected
    • Brings the ball down a little too much
    • Needs to work on left hand.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 1.6 2 10.2 11.3 26.6


    • Excellent passer out of post (89th percentile)
      • Can hit the cutters and spot up shooters
      • Has almost a second sense in hitting spot up shooters, including cross court, and cutters
      • Also senses when and where the help is coming from. He broke through to pass on numerous double and triple teams this year.
    • Does not see court well on move / in isolation
    • Swing passer
  • Handle
    • Average handle – does not use it much in his game
    • Not a grab and go guy in starting the fast break.
    • Keeps handle on the ball during spin moves in post
    • Can face up to drive right, not so much left.

Defense and Rebounding: 60th percentile overall on defense

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler PnR Roll Man Off Screen Isolation Post up
86 21 47 43 71 34
STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
1 6.1 11.6 (3.4/8.2) 21.4 (13.5/28.2)

Around basket – 79th percentile overall

    • Misses rotations, falls for fakes too often, and just does not attempt to contest some shots
    • He has the athleticism to be at least a great shot blocker in the NBA, and we might be able to see it because he will not be playing the 4 in the NBA as he was for Arizona.
  • Poor awareness overall
    • Misses rotations, loses his man off ball, etc.
      • Would ignore his man while he ball watched – his man would float to perimeter or cut.
        • Another issue is him staying too far close to his man and not playing proper help defense à he’d stay on the weak side.
      • Does not see man and ball well.
      • Would stay too far on the weak side and ignore strong side action – did not split the floor well.
    • Did show improvement later in the season off ball, but was exposed on defense overall against Buffalo in the NCAA tournament
    • Digs when he’s leaving his man on the perimeter for open threes. He needs to fix this bad habit, because floor spacers do an enormous amount of damage in the NBA.
  • PnR
    • Major issues on PnR defense
    • Arizona had him hedging and recovering, which he should be able to do with his athleticism. However, he was exposed time and time again using this scheme.
    • Poor motor had him doing a terrible job recovering to the shooter
      • Often he wouldn’t even recover to the shooter and instead give up an open jumper
    • When he did recover, he used poor footwork and angles closing out.
      • Guys would drive by him with ease. He did a poor job cutting off baseline AND cutting off middle.
  • Off Screen
    • Gives up too much room and does not do a good job keeping up with smaller players running around the screen.
    • He’s a 5 so this is not a big issue, as he will likely not be defending 5s running off screens.
  • Spot Up (off ball)
    • The 86th percentile is actually a bit too kind to him.
    • He would give up open drives off catches.
      • Poor footwork had him opening up and giving lanes to the basket, baseline, or middle.
    • Closeouts need work. He would either ignore them when he was too far away, or have a poor closeout. It might be because he was playing against 4s instead of 5s this whole year, but it is still something he can fix easily.
  • Isolation
    • Hit or miss, really. Some plays he does a really good job staying in front of the perimeter player, but other times he opens up giving the lane (just like in spot up).
    • Should be an above average isolation defender in the NBA with some seasoning.




Colin Sexton Scouting Report and Video Breakdown

Collin Sexton Scouting Report

Collin Sexton – PG 

Collin Sexton scouting report.

Video scouting reports at the bottom.



Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’1.5 183 8’2.5 6’7.25
-1 -4 +.75 +1.25


Athleticism & Frame:

  • Great athlete vertically with a quick first step.
  • Moves well laterally on defense.
  • Quick hands, quick feet.
  • Strong upper and lower body.
    • Looks like he can add a little more weight without compromising athleticism.
    • Plus length for reach and wingspan for the PG position.


  • Attack first PG who has a “bulldog” mentality.
    • He wants to defend, wants to put pressure on opposing defenses by driving
  • Solid off the dribble jumper, bad off ball in catch and shoot situations.
    • Needs to fix form on jumper.
  • Scores well out of the PnR, but does not pass well out of it.
    • Mixes it up with nice combination of drives and dribble jumpers.
  • Does not have good touch or vision (out of PnR) passing the ball.
    • Would be best paired to someone who can create for teammates (assuming he becomes a competent off ball shooter).
  • Has potential to be a great defender with the tools he has, but he needs to work on fundamentals – can lose his man off ball because he ball watches too much, a little jumpy in PnR situations (also does not recover very well), and bits on too many fakes.
    • He does show more than just flashes of his defensive potential, though – it’s just not consistent.
  • Potential in transition.
    • Good as ball handler in transition, but not effective on wings because of lack of jumper.


17-18 19.2 3.8 3.6 44.7 77.8 .8/.1 56.7 113.2/105.2


17-18 .177 6.5 0


Offense: 70th percentile overall


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) PnR Scoring Spot up (off ball) Isolation Transition PnR Passing Around Basket
31 (45/19) 87 47 67 61 29 27


Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 3.6 2.8 27.8 14.2 32.9
  • Catch and shoot
    • 31st percentile is bad no matter how you slice it.
    • Defense was not concerned with contesting his catch and shoot jumpers because it was not an efficient shot for him.
    • He really needs to improve this in order to reach his potential in the NBA. Without the ability to play off the ball, he severely limits the team’s offensive potential – they can sag off of him and close down the lane, double / send extra help at more important players, etc.
  • PnR Scoring
    • Thrived here – 87th
    • Nice mix of drives, pull up jumpers, runners, and drawing the foul.
    • Needs to improve his handle, but he showed some nice dribble moves out of the PnR on the switch.
  • Spot Up (Off Ball, including catch and shoot, rip through drives, etc) & Dribble Jumpers
    • Overall, split it up nicely between catch and shoots (even with the inefficiency), rip through dribble jumpers, runners, and attacks.
    • 72nd percentile on dribble jumpers.
      • Can go right or left.
      • Keeps good balancing going into his shot and squares up nicely.
    • If he continues to improve his catch and shoot jumpers, his overall numbers will go up – defenses won’t be able to sag off, and he’ll be able to rip through and drive more.
  • Isolation
    • 69th
    • Does nice job seeing the floor out of isolation sets. Even when he’s looking for his shot, he can see the court pretty well.
    • Again, comfortable going right/left.
    • Varied skill set in iso (attacks, floaters, jumpers, etc). His ability to hit the open guy makes his scoring ability more effective because defenses can’t focus in entirely on him.
    • That said, he does not pass out of isos very much. 85% of the time he’s looking for his own offense, which is a shame because he’s in the 69th percentile passing out of it
  • Transition
    • 61st percentile overall.
    • Has athleticism to grab (or receive) and push the ball.
    • His issue on the break comes from his lack of jumper. If he’s not handling the ball, he’s in the 20th percentile on left wing spotting up and 58th on right. Defenses can clog the paint on the ball handler, forcing the kick out and living with the results.
    • 73rd percentile as the ball handler in transition. It would be higher if he could finish better in the paint, but he does not have the best touch around the rim generally speaking.
  • PnR Passing
    • Simply put, he does not see the court well in the PnR.
    • His handle issues come to light here, where the looseness makes it easier for defenders to dig in and poke it free.
    • Questionable decision making, such as making bad passes to guys in poor positions (for example, passing it to a guy who will have nowhere to go upon catching the ball).
    • Does not see the court well in the PnR. He’s a willing passer in the PnR (47% of the time he runs the PnR, he passes), but the results aren’t there.
      • However, the fact that he is a willing passer does look good going forward. Just like with isolation, it makes it harder for defenses to defend.
    • Does not really make advanced reads.
  • Around Basket (paint)
    • 27th percentile around the basket, but 62% shooting at the rim.
    • Can finish at the rim, but needs to work on his touch around the basket.
    • Does a nice job getting to the rim, 36% of his shots come at the rim.
  • Handle
    • Shows some flashes of being a good ball handler, nice spin move, hesitation, etc, but his handle randomly pops loose at times. Might be a focus issue, a pressure issue, or something else, but he should look to tighten his handle.
  • Vision
    • As I said above, he’s a willing passer…but does not see the court that well. He’s not a “pure point” guard and is more of a Westbrook type than anything else.
    • Displays the ability to hit guys on the move.
    • Does not have great touch on passes.
    • As I mentioned previously, he also needs to work on his decision making with the passes. Even though he is a willing passer, sometimes he is giving the ball up where the guy on the receiving end has no space to make the move – that’s obviously not good. A guy receiving the ball where the defense is already rotating to him will not yield good results.


Defense and Rebounding: 53rd percentile overall on defense

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation
60 30 61 49


1.6 .3 3.8 7 (4.1/9.8)
  • General observations
    • Has potential because of length + athleticism. Shows some flashes of good awareness, but other times he’s out of it in off ball / help defense.
    • Reaches when he shouldn’t and falls for dribble moves.
    • Gives up angle on drives.
    • Has potential to be a real disruptive defender because of his athletic / length profile, but he needs to work on the fundamentals – not gambling, staying “home” in isolation, etc.
    • Help defense needs work.
      • Needs to do a better job splitting the court / “two-ning” the court when he’s off ball (and, at the very least, when he’s 2+ pases away).
    • He can lose his man off ball when he’s ball watching because he does not do a great job seeing his man and the ball
      • Slight motions, even drifting to the corners, can get him in bad position because he’s only watching the ball.
    • All in all, if he were to clean up his fundamental defense (stop reaching, stop the jumpy feet, etc), I think he can be a solid man to man defender – someone who can stop penetrations. Needs to work on his awareness off ball, but even that can improve just by learning when to leave his man off ball.


  • Spot up
    • Hit or miss.
    • He can close out quickly on the perimeter because of his athleticism + length, but he does not always.
      • There have been times where he just ignored the guy with the ball and let him shoot, even though he easily could have contested the shot.
    • Can sometimes give up the angle on the drive because he opens up too much (not a regular occurrence).
  • PnR Ball Handler
    • Has “jumpy feet.”
      • Gets off balance and gives up angle to drive before any action has really begun.
      • Opens up too much here.
    • Caught going for the steal instead of playing man straight up, again giving up the drive.
    • Does not do a good job getting back to his man to contest the shot.
      • Gives up once the screen is set.
    • Should look to do a better job getting through the screen.
  • Off Screen
    • Does a solid job keeping with his man running off screen.
    • Usually gets low when getting over screen, getting low is good.
    • Athleticism / length comes into play here. Athleticism because he can keep up with quicker guys, length because he can contest from behind the play.
  • Isolation
    • Honestly, this was the one that had me confused.
    • He’s athletic, has quick hands and feet, but is not a particularly good defender.
      • He bites for too many fakes and is not fundamentally sound.
      • Does not do a good job keeping his man in front of him, letting him get to his spot (either rim or pull up jumper) 62% of the time.
        • Needs to do a better job staying in front, which I think should happen if he stopped reaching and played “safe” defense.


Zion Williamson Scouting Report and Video Breakdown

Zion Williamson Preseason Scouting Report

By : Spencer Pearlman

Zion Williamson, PF

Last Recorded Measurements:

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’6 272 8’7 6’10
-3.5 +27 -4.25 -3.5


Summary (Scouting videos at bottom):

  • Very athletic (laterally and vertically) and aggressive/relentless attacking the rim.
  • Built like a tank, and uses it well. A lot of “functional strength.”
  • Grab and go rebounder.
  • Has a very nice handle for a PF and a quick first step.
  • Jumper needs work, but apparently he has been working on it. This is something to look for at Duke.
  • Soft touch with left hand, but almost never goes to his right hand.
  • Defense needs work, but he has the tools to be a good defender even with his poor length. He has great lateral quickness for a PF and explosive leaping ability.



Athleticism & Frame:

  • Built like an absolute tank. Very strong upper and lower body.
  • He moves very well laterally. 272 lbs, but he moves like he’s much lighter. He could probably lose a bit of weight and gain even more lateral quickness, which is a scary thought.
  • Very explosive with a great second jump. Gets up high, attacks the rim hard, and is an easy riser.




17-18 22.5 7.2 1.2 / .7 64.5 72.5 .8 / 1.2    


Offense: 94th percentile overall 


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) PnR Offense Transition Spot Up (off ball) Post Up Around Basket Iso
0 (0/0) 94 94 24 96 97 76



  • As of the date of this report, he has a very limited jumper. He’ll flash an off the dribble jumper, but is not consistent at all. Using him as a jump shooter is a misuse of his ability anyway, as he is an elite offensive rebounder and finisher in paint.
    • 8/43 on all jump shots, 13th percentile;, 0/8 on catch and shoot, 0 percentile; 7/30 dribble jumpers, 29th percentile
  • Needs to develop a jump shot to take his game to the next step. He already is absolutely relentless attacking the rim, and getting that jumper would make him even more difficult to guard.



  • Menace in transition. He gets out and runs hard to the rim.
  • If he’s not getting fouled (35.8% foul rate), he’s finishing at the rim with a big dunk.
  • Comfortable leading the break (95th percentile) or running on the wings for the lob.


Offensive Rebounding / Around Paint / Post ups

  • 15/23 on offensive rebound putbacks, 92nd percentile (should note, this number would be higher if he did not attempt to kill the rim with every putback dunk); 53/73 around rim, 97thpercentile (again, number would be higher if he did not try to kill the rim with every putback dunk).
  • Very athletic attacking the rim. Has nice finishes going under the defender’s arms, but he is very left hand dominant.
  • He has no issue attacking right/with a right hand dribble, but he almost always goes back to the left hand. At the moment, he really does not have a right hand in the paint. He’ll go back into the defense with his left instead of using his right hand to get the cleaner look.
  • Takes contact at the rim well and can finish through the rim.
  • I know I’m repeating myself again, but he has work to do on finishing with his right hand.
  • Seals man well in post. Left hand finisher, but comfortable starting his move to the middle with either hand. Overpowers smaller guys, and can get through weak double teams. 3.1 turnover percentage when he makes his move, and 0% turnover percentage on passes. 47% foul rate and finishes through contact.


Attacking Off Dribble

  • Westbrook-esque attacking the rim. Explosive first step around the defense, looks to dunk everything when he can (otherwise goes for a scoop layup with left hand), and gets fouled a lot. He will drive through defenders to get to his spot.
  • Almost always attacks the rim in isolations. 30 of his 32 shots in isolations came on drives.
  • In PnR setting, he takes way too many off the dribble jumpers from three. Defenses would play him giving up the three, and instead of surveying the court and playing the clock a bit, he would take the early three. He hit very few off the dribble jumpers, and even fewer off the dribble 3s.
  • As I mention below, his attacking mentality also leads to drives into multiple defenders. While this could be an effective tool if you know how to drive and kick (or hit the cutters), Zion has not displayed that ability thus far. He will often force crazy attempts while being surrounded by 2+ defenders.


Handle / Passing

  • Good handle with varied dribble set. I would even say he has a great handle for a PF. Uses crossovers, hesitations, and spins.
  • He loves setting defender up by lulling them to sleep/getting them on their back feet/getting them to relax and then exploding past them – he really does not move like someone who weighs 272 lbs. Explosive first step. Comfortable going right and left off the dribble, but his left hand is stronger than right (nowhere near as noticeable as it is with his finishing..
  • Low turnover numbers (only 10%), but part of that low number is because he does not look to pass often. He’ll often drive into multiple defenders ignoring open shooters in the short corner or divers.
  • He is not someone who can run the PnR and hit teammates because he does not see the court well. Out of 48 possessions running the PnR, he only passed 7 times. No advanced reads.
  • He sees the court better in isolations (8 passes out of 40 possessions), but it is really only as a last resort. No advanced reads.



Defense and Rebounding: 46th percentile overall

Spot Up Isolation Off Screen Post Up PnR Around Basket
73 11 N/A N/A N/A N/A


NOTE — It’s pretty difficult to say how good a defender is based off of his AAU tape, but there are some things I liked and other things I did not. Rather than going into a full on deep dive like I do with the college and international players, this section will be based on observations and notes I took while watching games.


  • Even with his limited length, I think he has the ability to be a “plus” defender. He’s quick laterally, very explosive vertically, and is very strong. I think he will be able to defend 3s and 4s, and possibly 5s in small ball situations. He needs to work on his technique because right now he stands too upright and on his heels, but these are fixable issues. He changes direction well and is light on his feet, so I think his iso defense should improve as he focuses more. I’m really curious about finding his ideal playing weight, because if he can get down to 250 and be as aggressive as he is now, he’ll be even more explosive laterally and vertically…which is scary.


  • He is a good rebounder considering he was often guarding perimeter players and not post guys. He’d crash from the outside when the ball was shot, would rebound out of area, and would get the ball at its peak. Again, his explosive vertical really helps here.


  • I don’t recall him being posted up in any film I watched and Synergy has 0 post ups recorded, so there’s that. This is where his poor standing reach might hurt him. He will probably have to put in more work before the catch keeping guys away from the blocks, as well as after the catch keeping the post up man from the rim. He has the strength, so neither should be very difficult. He has a low center of gravy – almost Chuck Hayes-esque.


  • Right now, his biggest issue is focus. It might have been the AAU setting, but he never really seemed “in tune” to defense. He would close out late on jump shots, let guys get by him unless he really wanted that stop, and would put less effort on defense compared to offense. The fact that he could really stay in front of most players when he wanted to gives me hope going forward, but the consistency is something to watch.


  • With a greater focus on defense, his rotations could improve as well, because right now, he really does not make them. (As noted above, focus on defense is generally an issue with him, but I am unsure if it is because of the AAU setting or due to a general relaxed attitude on that half of the court.) This is something to watch at Duke.


Shareef O'Neal To Miss 2018-19 Season to Undergo Heart Surgey

The Son of 4 time NBA All Star and Hall of Famer Shaquille O'neal, Shareef O'Neal Recently Found Out he would Miss the entire 2018-2019 Season at ucla Due to a Serious Heart Condition. TMZ Broke the Story Early this moring. 

Shareef Says he Started " Feeling Funny " in the cheast Area and infromed the UCLA Trainging Staff. They had him Wear a Holter moniter. Weeks Later they found he had a Serious Heart Condition that will sideline him the enitre season. He "Thanked God The UCLA Medical Staff Caught it Early". 





A Similar Condition Happened to James Hampton of Nike Phamily ( EYBL ) this summer where James Fell to the hardwood in the 2nd half and appeared unresponsive. Hampton Passed due to this condition. 

We At Frankie Vision Send Prayers to the O'Neal Family and hope for a speedy recovery.



Romeo Langford Player Profile

Romeo Langford



Photo :

Shooting Guard


215 lbs

6’11 Wingspan

 8’8 Standing Reach 

New Albany, IN

Indiana University 

School Profile








  • Size ( 6’6.5 W/ 6’11 Wingspan and 215 LBS SOLID ) Oh and a Standing Reach of 8’8 Yeah Yeah ( Pun Intended ) that boy has size

  • Chest of a Grown Man 

  • Has Kobe / Harden / D Book like ability to Create and Score

  • High IQ and In control at all times

  • 3 level scorer 


    • Mid Range ( Gold MidRange Deadeye Badge )

    • Sharpshooter 

      • Limitless Range Badge ( Silver ) 

      • Deep range Deadeye ( Gold ) 

      • Difficult Shot ( HoF )

  • Unselfish Passer who can Run POINT and keep Teammates involved

  • Gets shots off in any situation 

  • Reads Defense at a High Level

  • Gets to the Line 

  • Can Spread the Floor

  • Athleticism 

    • Has Great Change of Speed

    • Jumping Ability 

  • Can Take Defenders off the Dribble with his Fluid Motion 

  • Great Rebounder


Strengths Breakdown


  • Has Great Footwork and with his ability to finish at the rim mixed with athleticism

  • Body Strength to absorb contact and finish over or through defenders

  • Has EXPLOSIVE jumping ability off 1 and 2 feet and will catch a poster at any moment

  • Air flight adjustments to make acrobat finishes 

    • 2017 Adidas Gauntlet ( while fight back issues )  Around the Rim Stats

      • he went to the basketball 35.5% of the time

      • 1.25 PPP ranked in the 84% percentile  ( Excellent ) 

      • FG % around the rim was 61.4% 


Shot Creating / Scoring 


  • Adidas Gauntlet Circuit 2017 ( Stats )

  • 13.4% of Overall Offense was in ISOLATION

    • ​0.971 PPP

    • On 34 Total Possessions Scored 33 PTS

    • Ranked in the 84% Percentile ( Excellent )

    • 40% FG

    • ​Get D On Ro Island can get to rim with Elite Burst 
    • Pro Level Triple Threat and Rip Through 
    • If D sags Can Shoot from NBA Range and/or use step back
    • ​Get D On Ro Island can get to rim with Elite Burst 



  • 16.6% of Overall offense was as P&R BALL HANDLER
    • 0.81 PPP ( Points Per Possession )
    • On 42 Total Possessions Scored 34 PTS 
    • Ranked in the 68% Percentile
    • 39.4% FGs
  • Out Of P&R he is difficult to guard, if D goes Under Pic
    • Has an ESPLOSIVE first step. dribbles away from pick or if defender goes over pick can blow by to get to rim or step back/pull up jumper\
    • Knock Down shooter off the dribble with LIMITLESS RANGE. if D goes under he will make you pay

    • When D Plays Over/Under Screen, looks Similar to Harder/ Kobe/ D Book




#1 Jayhawks Defend Preseason Ranking vs. Michigan State

By Harpreet Singh Ocean


#1 Kansas 92 v #10 Michigan St 87


Kansas is the preseason #1 ranked team in the nation.


The mix of young, explosive talent and strong, smart upperclassmen came to send a message to any blue devils that believe their ranking is undeserved.  


Quentin Grimes made his Kansas debut one to remember. He left no doubt as to why he was a top 10 recruit in this freshman class as he hit six three’s on his way to 21 points with 4 assists.



Grimes scoring lead was followed by the experienced frontcourt tandem of Dedric Lawson and Udoka Azubuike, who put up 20 points & 17 points, respectively, and fellow freshman backcourt mate Devon Dotson’s 16.


Azubuike, a draft hopeful last year, returned to school and showed to be a force in the paint (standing 7-1 270 pounds) although only grabbing 3 rebounds due to Lawson grabbing 13 of them himself. It is scary to see Lawson, on a bad shooting night, fill the stat sheet and prove significant to his team.


The Jayhawks have a forceful, fluid offensive attack, much of this is credited to Lawson’s passing ability, one that Dick Vitale said is among the best in program history.


Michigan St had some fight in them which kept the score close, though Kansas was the better team all night. The Spartan’s offense was not so fluid and much of it looked forced, foul trouble from Ward and Langford gave the Jayhawks even more of an advantage. Kenny Goins and Joshua Langford had to keep Michigan St in the game with willful scoring and Cassius Winston showed that he is the most valuable player on the team. Nothing would work offensively without Winston running the show at point.