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How To Watch Lamelo and LiAngelo Ball games

So The Ball Bros ( LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball )  Will play 5 Games overseas in Lithuania for the BC Vytautas. Like you i have been searching up every where on how to watch these games other than synergy. so instead of searching on you amazon firestick. 

One way of course is to catch the Full Coverage highlights on Frankie Vision Youtube Channel Right after the game has concluded. 






Lamelo and Liangelo will be playing for the BC Vytautas, but will NOT be playing in the Baltic Basketball League ( The Tougher League ) IDK how but Lavar Ball Negotiated Five Big Baller Brand Challenge Games the will be live streamed from Ball Is Life Facebook Page ( W for them ). With them playing in this league we are sure to see more mins from the 2. 

Here is the schedule :

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 1:30pm ET: Vytautas vs. Kauno Žalgiris-2
Monday, Jan. 15, 1:30pm ET: Vytautas vs. Vilniaus Lietuvos-rytas-2
Friday, Jan. 17, 2:00pm ET: Vytautas vs. Šakių Vytis
Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2:00pm ET: Vytautas vs. Alytaus Dzukija
Sunday, Jan. 28, 2:00pm ET: Vytautas vs. Jonavos Jonava


Remember to Sub to FrankieVision YT Channel for quick highlights.

here is Liangelo last and only game this season with UCLA 


Luka Doncic Strengths/Weaknesses: Worthy Of A Top Pick?

January 16, 2018 1:51pm

Luka Doncic


- Tough; 18 years old playing against grown men in the rugged Euroleague. Plays through contact/physical

- Starring in the Euroleague at only 18! One of the league's top scorers and considered by many the favorite to be MVP

- All Around shooting; shoots well from all 3 levels, can spot up from deep 3 point range, pull up, come off screens, off the dribble, great step-back jumper (his go-to), finishes well around the rim

- Smart player, great vision/handle along with natural feel for the game

- Great facilitator

- Effective ball handler in the pick & roll

- Moves well off-ball

- Does not shy away from clutch moments

- Gets to the line; led Euroleague in Free Throw Attempts & Free Throw Makes

- Fluid with his off hand

- Talented & willing passer

- Can rebound well and push the ball in transition, comfortable playing at a fast pace


- Still growing as a 1 on 1 scorer

- Average athleticism

- Going to have to rely heavily on skill, his athleticism is subpar by NBA standards

- Doubts about his effectiveness against top tier NBA athletes

- Still maturing as a decision maker; forces passes at times, needs to know when to make the easy pass

Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:

Doncic fits the NBA’s growing trend of sizable floor generals (ZO2, Ben Simmons, Giannis, etc.). He is versatile, can play 1-3 with great facilitating skills and IQ. Smooth handle. Good vision. All around shooter; deep range, off screens, spot up, off the dribble. Still growing as an isolation scorer. Doncic’s skills are more developed than most teenagers. His lack of quickness/athleticism is worrisome. How will he fare against the best athletes in the world? His athleticism hurts him in 1 on 1 situations, whether that be on offense or defense, but he plays with a toughness that makes up for that. He is 18 years old playing against grown men in the Euroleague and he is a star amongst them. Doncic has garnered a lot of hype in this draft class and will be selected very high.


NBA Comparison: Hedo Turkoglu


Harpreet Singh Ocean

New James Harden Shoes ???

Cassy Athena May have just Previewed the New James Harden Signature Show VIA Instagram. Harden has one of the most Populat Shoes on the Adidas Line ( and set to be relesed Next Month ) Check out some of the pics below.. what do you think ?



Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_32_51_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_45_38_PM

Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_45_45_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_45_57_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_46_03_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_46_09_PM



Big Baller Brand JBA Future Plans

Ever since LaVar Ball created his Big Baller Brand, he has never been one to shy away from media attention. Whether it was making a claim about one of his sons or saying how he could beat Michael Jordan playing 1 on 1, LaVar has always spoken his mind. To some, it is annoying, but to others, it is eye-opening. Why? LaVar has used his outspoken nature to become one of the most well known names in basketball without ever playing in a professional game.


LaVar continued to get the spotlight placed on him on December 20, 2017. LaVar sent a written statement to the famous SLAM Magazine saying they were creating their own league. The goal was to give high level players another outlet to play, outside of college, overseas, or even high school. In addition to being paid between $3,000 and $10,000 every two weeks, these players are getting national exposure while playing under NBA rules and minutes.


Richard Branson once said, “From my very first day as an entrepreneur, I've felt the only mission worth pursuing in business is to make people's lives better.” From what Frankie Vision has been told, and from what was apparent in the “Ball in the Family” show, Lavar is a caring man who wants the best for his family AND the league he created. “Lavar is real hands on and always down to help…he’s at every game in every city…” Regardless of what people think about LaVar’s personality and the way he handles the media, this is a dedicated man who wants to see people succeed.


The league started on June 21st, 2017 to unknown streaming numbers. However, checking out Frankie Vision’s YouTube channel will give you an idea at just how popular someone like LaMelo Ball is. The channel’s video that recapped LaMelo Ball’s near 40 point triple double got almost 2 million hits…in the first day. That number is insane.



Despite the popularity of the clips on YouTube, the season is still a short one, lasting only from June 21st  to August 12th. This begs the question – what happens next? What will the players of the JBA be doing from August until June of 2019? We have the answer.


The top 10 players from the JBA will added to a “JBA USA team.” It is not a roster that will be playing against other teams in the league, but will be one that travels around the world and plays teams in other leagues. Think of it as an all star team or a Team USA basketball team, but for JBA players only.


Even though neither the JBA team nor the competition for the JBA team have been announced yet, Frankie Vision has been told that they will be playing against the top teams in different leagues in Europe, Euroleague, China, and other leagues overseas. This will continue the player’s exposure and competition by giving them the ability to play against overseas talent that they would not normally be able to play against. In addition, the overseas teams will likely be scouting these players for their own leagues and teams.


With the JBA closing in on its first month being done, I, for one, am curious to see how this league will unfold. Will high school players leave school early to play in the JBA? Will this exposure lead to G-League contracts and eventually NBA contracts? Overseas deals, maybe? Who knows? However, if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that LaVar makes things interesting.  

USA U17 Fellowship Wins 5th Straight Gold Medal

By Harpreet Singh Ocean


USA U17 defeated France 95-52 to earn the FIBA U17 World Cup Gold Medal.

This group in particular, coached by Don Showalter, has been one of great camaraderie. The AAU world we live in has old timers worried the game is being ruined. Players don't value loyalty anymore they just hop around and create super teams with their friends.

This is not the case. The super team trend is not necessarily a bad thing, this is just how basketball is nowadays. The great positive that comes from AAU circuit is the friendships that are created between players.

This U17 group was buzzing with excitement the first day of training camp. The players had already known each other from playing summer leagues and social media, everyone was eager to play with one another. Eager to see how they could perform as a unit. The energy in camp was like no other. Former Boston Celtics assistant Kevin Eastman said this camp was “special for the players”. He raved over the competitiveness and chemistry this group brought along with them.

The chemistry poured onto the court. This group was the best in the world defensively, and each night they played with dominance, almost arrogance, playing each team as if getting scored on was sin.

The 43 point victory in the gold medal game is an embodiment of how special this group is. As relationships grow over time, look for this group to continue their dominance in the years to come.

Louisville Live: The Start of the Mack Era

By: T. Hood


Talk about making an introduction. First, Coach Mack and staff have absolutely been riding a wave of momentum on the recruiting trail with four recent commitments in the month of September. They also have been hosting open practices to the public showcasing the team and it's recruits. Well, this evening was an incredible event for Cardinal fans. The Louisville staff did an amazing job and completely killed it. Major kudos to AD Vince Tyra, Coach Mack and staff, Lottie Stockwell and everyone involved with the event. Tonight gave the fan base an opportunity to come out and show support and they certainly did their part as well. It was estimated that there were around 7,500 fans in attendance. 


There was a three point shootout and dunk contest among other festivities. In addition to the current team, recruits David Johnson, Josh Nickelberry and what could possibly be the crown jewel of the 2019 recruiting class, Aidan Igiehon were all on hand this evening. 






One thing that's really impressed myself with the new staff is how open and approachable they have been. The staff is really doing a tremendous job. See below for a recap of Louisville Live.