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Marvin Bagley III Strengths & Weaknesses: If Kevin Garnett went to college

Marvin Bagley III:


-  Extremely versatile! Can switch on anyone defensively & guard 1-5. Offensively he fits from as small as a 2 to as big as a 5. All-around player.

- Tenacious Rebounder

- Very long, exceptional size (6’11 230 pounds)

- Great face up game in the post

- Great handle for his size: can push in transition, take defenders off the dribble

- Moves like a wing, big enough to play C

- Moves, face and in post. Natural scorer

- Scorer’s mentality

- Good feel playing under the rim, smart, good finishing, drawing fouls, explosiveness, big, etc.

- Aggressive player, high motor

- Defends guards on the perimeter

- Great potential as a shot blocker/defender

- Contested pull up jumpers



- Free throw shooting

- Jumper is only average as of now, although there is great potential

- Same w the handle

- Still raw in some areas

- Forces reckless shots at the rim at times


Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:

Bagley has shown to be a star since his days as a high schooler, balling on grown men in Los Angeles’ Drew League while being the top ranked player in his class. He makes an impact everywhere on the court, whether that be dominating the post or being an athletic freak on the perimeter. He is a natural scorer who can do whatever is necessary to put the ball in the basket. Explosive athlete which is impressive and rare for his size/age. Elite rebounder due to his length, athleticism and tenacity. These same traits give him great promise as a defender. Marvin Bagley defines versatility. He is the player everyone wants in today’s NBA because he has no real position… he starts at Forward but that is nothing more than a label.    


NBA Comparison: Kevin Garnett

Trae Young NBA Draft Profile

Trae Young: 6’1 178 19 years old Oklahoma




- ELITE 3 point shooter. Shoots at a high level when spotting up, coming off the dribble, and coming off of screens.

- Has valuable experience carrying a team, he diligently led the short-handed Sooners all year. Handled himself with high regard and showed leadership during times of great media scrutiny.

- Led Division I with 27.4 PPG and 8.7 APG as a freshman!

- Exceptional ball handling, He fits the spread pick & roll style of today’s NBA.

- Good mid range game, especially utilizing floaters. This is important given his smaller frame because he has to use touch and finesse to get over strong defenders.

- Skillful passer, he is able to make the easy passes along with the difficult ones.

- Flashy, he likes to make the difficult/exciting play. Some see this as a weakness but his ability to make these plays shows another level of talent.

- Above average finishing ability with great potential. He is only 19 years old and shows skillful finishes but is inconsistent.




- Needs to get stronger, as is the case for most 19 year olds.

- Defensive intensity/ability is lacking, if that does not improve he will be targeted and picked on defensively in the NBA.


Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:


The story of the nation this season, a true freshman leading the entire nation in PPG(27.4) and APG(8.7). He set an Oklahoma record and tied the all time NCAA record for assists in a game with his 22 assist performance vs Northwestern State, he has seamlessly made the transition from high school to college showing fluidity on the court and high basketball IQ. Young is a next generation point guard, the pick and roll style of the current NBA suits him perfectly and we are seeing a lot of Stephen Curry influence in his game. He is an elite talent all-around: he pulls up on the dime from anywhere within around 30 feet, finishes around the rim with ease, and has record breaking vision. Many question whether his ability will translate to the NBA. If a team chooses to build around him and allows Trae Young to be Trae Young, we could have the next Stephen Curry.


NBA Comparison: Stephen Curry

Mohamed Bamba NBA Draft Profile

Mohamed Bamba: 7'0 225 19 years old Texas




- Long as s**t! (8’0 reach)

- ELITE Defender: Shot blocking (currently 5 blocks a game), Shot altering, just a problem you have to deal w when attacking the paint

- 3pt range

- Good shooting touch 

- Can pick & pop

- Good hook shot

- Tough player, has fight in him

- Unbelieveable shot blocker, looks like he’s goaltending at times

- Great movement ability. Proves to be most effective on the defensive end when switching pick & rolls or staying with his matchup.



- Offensive game is raw, but potential is through the roof

- Inconsistent play, at times he is a dominant Center and at times he seems to be just another player on the court


Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:


Mo Bamba is one of the headliners in this strong class of big men. His greatest tool is his extraordinary length, which gives him the ability to do things regular people can not. Bamba broke the NBA combine record for longest wingspan (7’10”) and ran a faster sprint time than Russell Westbrook for what it is worth. He can switch pick & rolls effectively and is a force in the paint. Bamba’s presence under the rim alone will make him an impact player in the NBA because every time an opponent drives to the rim, he must go through the longest man he has ever seen before he can score. The cherry on top is his offensive potential. He has proven to be a capable spot up 3 point shooter and has shown promise in his post up game, which has been somewhat hidden due to NCAA’s zone defenses. While his game has some fine tuning needed, at 19 years old there is a world of untapped ability that will be showcased in the NBA. Mo Bamba is a top player in this class.


NBA Comparison: Hassan Whiteside

Michael Porter Jr. NBA Draft Profile

Michael Porter Jr.: 6’10 211 19 years old Missouri




- Long athlete, standing at almost 6’11 (6’10 3/4) with a 7’0 wingspan. His ability to move and handle like a guard is extremely impressive.

- Great shooter overall. Great pull up jumper (his go-to move), contested shooting and shooting off the dribble.

- Strong rebounder. Played limited minutes due to injury but still averaged close to double digit RPG.

- Mid-range jumper seems automatic, he can score here while fading, contested however. Mid-range game is an important key for an NBA scorer, every player in the league averaging 20+ PPG is effective here.

- Dangerous in transition especially as a ball handler. He will take it coast to coast whenever given the opportunity.

- Attacks the rim with aggression and is a more than capable finisher.




- Significant injury concern, Markelle Fultz’s situation this past season only causes concern as teams fear Porter will have similar problems (report came out recently of Porter having to cancel a pro day due to him aggravating his hip injury).

- Don’t know how he will perform defensively on the pro level, we have only REALLY seen him play in college for two games.


Bottom Line/NBA Perspective:


Michael Porter Jr. only played 53 minutes of college basketball. Even so, he is one of the most talented players in the nation and must be a Top 5 pick in the NBA draft this summer. Porter is extremely skilled for a player his size, at a near 6-11 and 215 pounds he has great handle and athleticism along with special shot making ability that make him a can’t miss prospect in this class. Porter was considered by many as the favorite to be the first overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft prior to his November back surgery and hip concerns. These injuries definitely make him a risk, but the potential reward is so great that it may be worthwhile for a team to select him high and possibly wait a year for him to be fully healthy a la Markelle Fultz.


NBA Comparison: Jayson Tatum


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