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New James Harden Shoes ???

Cassy Athena May have just Previewed the New James Harden Signature Show VIA Instagram. Harden has one of the most Populat Shoes on the Adidas Line ( and set to be relesed Next Month ) Check out some of the pics below.. what do you think ?



Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_32_51_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_45_38_PM

Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_45_45_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_45_57_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_46_03_PM Screen_Shot_2018_01_27_at_1_46_09_PM



Image Credit By - Cassy Athena VIA Instagram