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2018 Team USA U17: 5 Things To Look Out For

2018 USA BASKETBALL U17: 5 Things To Look Out For


1. Jalen Green:

- In a room full of the best players in the nation Fresno’s Jalen Green stands on a tier of his own. His ability jumps out at you and it is obvious why most have him rightfully ranked as the #1 player in the 2020 class. Look for Jalen to lead this team to gold with flash and flair. Green is likely to be a top pick in the NBA Draft in the near future.


2.  Chemistry:

- USA Basketball has had countless amounts of squads that have meshed together and dominated throughout the years, though something feels different around this 2018 U17 team. Coach Showalter has raved over the team’s energy throughout camp. The players are all good friends and when practice begins everyone pushes one another to compete at an elite level. Being in the gym during training camp, you can simply FEEL the positivity and excitement brought along by this group. This team is energetic, hungry, and full of passion for the game.


3. Highlight Reel:

- So these guys like to dunk... A LOT. This is a point in the young players’ careers where they are just now receiving national attention and recruitment offers, so naturally these guys want to show the world what they can do. Any opportunity to put on a show is not taken for granted. One of the main sources of the enthusiasm and energy I spoke of earlier comes from players wanting each other to shine on the world stage, and what better way to get hype & recognition than to drop jaws?


4. Evan Mobley:

- F/C Evan Mobley is starting to gain some buzz as the #1 ranked player in the 2020 class. He is an extremely long player who combines freak athleticism/length with technical skill to dominate the court. Many shots are blocked and many heads are dunked on when Evan Mobley is hooping. He has turned heads during training camp this past week especially and the momentum has now begun to swing his way as far as the scouting world goes.


5. Coaching Staff’s Influence:

- 3AM “Navy Seal” training. Organized, efficient practices, genuine care for the players and a wealth of knowledge and hunger to teach make this coaching staff a blessing for this young roster. The way these players are being raised will keep them ahead of the rest, it shows in individual maturity and team chemistry. This is a real TEAM in every sense of the word, a team composed of individuals who are ready to take on the world on & off the court. Head Coach Showalter and his assistants deserve all the credit in the world for their commitment to ensuring that Team USA’s future is stronger than ever.